Painting & Decorating
Exterior insulation systems
External Redecoration

We offer partial or complete redecoration service to the exterior of your home. This may include items from cills and gutters, to downpipes and chimneys. We have a wide range of colours to choose from and dedicated staff which will handle your project from ordering to completion. We offer a 2 year wall guarantee when we piant all of your home, walls carry a 2 year cover, all other items carry our standard 1 year guarantee

Partial Redecoration

On occasion it will not be necessary to repaint the entire exterior of your home, however you may feel like a few areas need freshened up. We offer very competetive pricing on the most frequently requested parts of your home, that need attention. These may be items like Window cills, window and door frames, upper facia boards, gutters, stairs and hand-rails as well as your front main wall. These items carry our standard 1 year guarantee.

Full Redecoration

By giving your a home a complete new look, not only will you add protection to the raw fabric of the building, you will enhance the value of your property considerably and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you are planning to sell. A written quotation will be sent to you within 3 days of inspecting the property and this will outline all areas that will be included. On occasion we will recomend additional item that you may want repaired, but these are entirely optional. We ofer a multi block discount if your neighbour makes an order at the same time

Pricing is per linear meter and starts from £34 per meter(single storey) £40 per meter (double). As a guide, take large steps around your home and multiply that by the charge rate, this will give you a rough guide to the pricing. Price various according to height and condition of property and also areas that require additional scaffolding due to poor access. When your walls have never been painted previously, we will require to pre coat the walls, this will incur an additional charge normally from £12 p/lm

Valid end 2015

Valid end 2013
Internal Painting (Winter season only) please enquire


Pricing Guide

Room rate from                    £150

Hall ways from                      £160

Paint supplied Yes No
Doors single sided £15  
Door double side £28  
Door Frame single side £11  
Door Frame double/side £22  
Skirting boards £4 p/m  
Room standard height p/m £7.00 £5.50
Room high height £8.50 £6.50
Halls Standard height £6.00 £4.50
split level stairs/ hall £9.00 £7.50
Window frames From £4 p/m  
Main Doors from £42.00  
We cater for all types of indoor work and pricing is per meter or advised